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Version 4.0.5: Auto-add Parents, Optimizations And Various Fixes (29 Aug 09)


Released the 26th & 29th of August 2009


  • The Assignment "due at" field now remembers the last time you entered
  • We allow Roster section switching from a class's Gradebook Term Summary
  • When a parent first signs up for Haiku LMS via a class invitation code, they are now automatically added to all of their childrens' classes, instead of having to sign up for each one individually
  • Improved speed when viewing long discussions
  • Corporate administrators can change users' type (Teacher, Student, etc.) via the web interface
  • Several improvements to the Corporate import process


  • An error when deleting a Roster section from a class with no calendar items
  • Certain special characters where being displayed incorrectly even though they were saved correctly (e.g. "Musique Concrète" was being displayed as "Musique Concr竪te")
  • Various Minor Bugs

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