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Version 4.1.2: Undo Class Deletions and Merge Users (31 Oct 09)


Released the 31th of October 2009


  • [d] Undo Class Deletions: Teachers who accidentally delete a class have be given a chance to Undo the deletion. Domain Admins will have an even longer window of time to restore deleted classes.
  • [d] Merge Users: Domain Admins will can merge together two imported accounts via the Domain Control Center. This is helpful if you have inadvertently imported the same user twice and have data under both accounts.
  • [d] Change Class Owner: Domain Admins will now be able to specify a new class owner for classes via the Domain Control Center.


  • Enhanced Discussion editing: Teachers now have a full text editor when creating & editing Discussions, so they can more easily add links to a Discussion's description.
  • [d] Improved Admin Navbar: Domain Admins can now browse to User Account information directly from their Navbar.
  • [d] Importing Roster Section Changes: We improved the import process so students changing sections in the same class will take their grades with them to the new section.
  • [d] Turn off the daily Haiku: Domain Admins can now choose to disable the "Haiku of the day," displayed on users' Portal & My Classes pages.
  • [d] See Failed Logins: Domain Admins will be able to see a list of recent, failed logins, again, via the Domain Control Center.


  • Email notifications are now aware of Roster Sections.
  • Fixed minor display issue when viewing Assignments that have image attachments.
  • Various Minor Bugs.
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