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[t]How do I find someone else's ePortfolio?


Q: We would like to be able to find student's ePortfolios, but are having trouble locating them, where should we look?

A: To view any user's ePortfolio, you can use the navbar at the bottom of the page to browse to their information

Please note: This feature is only available to School & District Edition accounts at this time.

1) Click on the People link on the Navbar and begin typing the name of the user you wish to browse to.
2) Click on their name and the ePortfolio option should appear (if you have view rights), click on it to jump to their ePortfolio.
Note: Whether or not you can see a user's ePortfolio will depend on the ePortfolio Permissions set by domain administrators under Applications > Features or on your specific account. If you think you should be able to see someone's ePortfolio, but can't, you can use the Help Center to reach out to your domain administrators.
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