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[t]What is the optimal number of pages to use in a class?


Q: What is the optimal number of pages to use in a class?

A: For optimal organization, it is best to use fewer then 100 pages for your class.  

When creating and organizing your class, you will want to be sure that your students are able to navigate easily through your course.  To ensure easy navigation, we recommend that you set up your PowerSchool Learning class just like your traditional classroom.  If you teach by units then your PowerSchool Learning class should be set up in units (see example below).  

It is also a good idea to use the three click rule.  If your students have to click more than 3 times to get to the necessary content, you may lose them along the way. For example, in the APUSH Class displayed below, for students to get to content on Mesoamerica, they will only have to click Unit 1>Chapter 1>Mesoamerica. 


For more recommendations on how to build your class, please contact our trainer at training@haikulearning.com


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