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[t][s]Why can't I Cut, Copy, or Paste using the Rich Text Editor?


Q:  Why can't I Cut, Copy, or Paste using the Rich Text Editor?  When I try I get the following message:  

Your browser security settings don't permit the editor to automatically execute copying operations. Please use the keyboard for that (Ctrl/Cmd+C).


A:  The Rich Text Editor we use in PowerSchool Learning is built on a web technology called JavaScript.  Two of the most common web browsers in the world, Firefox and Internet Explorer, place restrictions on JavaScript, preventing it from accessing your clipboard.  This means that, as you have experienced, you can't copy or paste content using our editor.  

In Internet Explorer the first time you try to perform one of the actions you will be alerted, and given the option to grant the editor access to your clipboard.  If you choose Allow Access you will not encounter this error anymore.

However, in Firefox there is no way to allow this action.  Firefox no longer allows users to change this behavior, and the methods and extensions that claim to be able to no longer work with Firefox 3.6.

Options for Firefox Users

Firefox users, there are still a couple of options for you.  First, you can still use the copy and paste commands in your browser.  In the edit menu there are Cut, Copy, and Paste buttons that will still work inside the Rich Text Editor.  Second, you can use the keyboard shortcuts for each of these actions to perform them inside the editor.  These shortcuts are:

  Windows Mac
Copy Control  + C Command + C
Cut Control + X Command + X
Paste Control + V Command + V


These work the same as the menu options and can be very helpful.  They work in nearly any program on your computer and are faster than using then program menu or the right-click menu.

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