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[t]How can I share a PowerPoint presentation using PowerSchool Learning?


Q:  How can I share a PowerPoint presentation using PowerSchool Learning?  Is it possible to share presentations with people who do not have PowerPoint on their computer?

A:  There are three primary options for easily sharing a PowerPoint presentation with a class.  

Upload as a MiniSite

If you export your presentation to HTML you can combine the resulting HTML file and data directory into a zip archive and upload that as a MiniSite block.  This will allow your students to view your presentation within their web browser without having PowerPoint installed on their computer.  More information on working with MiniSites can be found here: What can I do with MiniSites?

Upload to a File Block

You can upload your PowerPoint presentation file (.ppt or .pptx) to a file block on a class page.  This will allow your students to download the file and view it, but this will require the students to have either PowerPoint, or the PowerPoint Viewer (available for free from Microsoft). 

Add Slides to an Image Block

If you convert your presentation into a series of images, you can upload them into an Image Block, recreating your presentation within PowerSchool Learning.  To do this, use the "Save As" option within PowerPoint to convert your slides to images. Then, on your class page, click "Add Content Block" and then choose "Images". From here you can give your presentation a title and layout style. The next page will allow you to upload all the images, and the final page will allow you to add a caption to each slide.  Using this method will allow all of your students to access you presentation within PowerSchool Learning without downloading any files or needing any extra software.  

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