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[t]How do I hand back student work that I've annotated?


Q. How do I hand back student work that I've annotated?

A. If you use the Assignment Annotator to leave feedback on a student’s work, you need to Hand Back that work so that the student can see it.

There are a number of ways to Hand Back work that you’ve annotated. 

Please note: Documents annotated using the Open in Google Drive option do not have a Hand Back option at this time, as students will be able to see your comment in Drive as they are entered. Teachers, use Write Message (under Manage Assignment or within each student's submission area) to send your Students an update letting them know your comments are ready!

Hand Back to Student

Once you are finished annotating a student’s submission, you can click the Hand Back to Student button in the Assignment Annotator.

Clicking Hand Back to Student will:

  • Mark the file as Handed Back and Reviewed.
  • Create a new Message containing a PDF copy of your annotations.
  • Give the student access to the View Live tool for the Assignment so that they can see your annotations without downloading the PDF.

Hand Back Reviewed Files

In addition to handing a single file back to an individual student, you can also use Hand Back Reviewed Files to return work to students in bulk.

First, when you are finished annotating a student’s work, click the Mark as Reviewed button in the Assignment Annotator.


A small green checkmark indicates which files have already been Marked as Reviewed.

Then, on the Assignment page in the Assignment area in the Activities tab, you can click Hand Back Reviewed Files to hand back all files that you have already reviewed.

Before the files are handed back, you’ll see a preview of the files that have been reviewed but not handed back yet.

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