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How do I auto-fill columns in a traditional Gradebook?


Q: How can I auto-fill columns in a traditional Gradebook?

A: You can auto-fill blank cells in a Gradebook column using the Fill Blanks tool.

To use the Fill Blanks tool, click on the three dots beneath the Assignment name at the top of the column in the Gradebook.

The window that appears will let you know how many students will be affected by the grade you enter. To fill in a grade for those students, simply enter the grade in the blank and click the button that says "Fill in X Blanks."

You can use a point value, a Grade Notation such as "A" or "B," or a Special Score Notation such as "EX" or "INC," as long as the Grade Notations and Special Score Notations have been set up in your Gradebook Settings.

Note:  Fill Blanks never affects grades that have already been recorded. This means you can't accidentally overwrite a batch of grades you entered or that have been automatically recorded through an Activity, Assessment, or other Assignment - but it also means that you can't change multiple existing grades at the same time using Fill Blanks.

(For now, Fill Blanks is for traditional Gradebooks only.)


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