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[t]How do I print my Gradebook?


Q. How do I print my Gradebook

A. You can print your Traditional Gradebook at any time using the "Print" option, located under the Manage Gradebook drop-down menu.

Printing your Gradebook

To print the Gradebook for a class, navigate to the Gradebooks area of the Grades tab, then select "Print" from the Manage Gradebook drop-down menu.  


This will generate a printable PDF file containing all Students, Gradebook Entries, and Scores, filtered just the way you have set in your Gradebook.  If your class is configured to use Roster Sections and/or a Class Schedule, the currently-displayed Section and Grading Period will print appropriately.  


For information on setting up your Gradebook, check out this article:

Setting up a Gradebook 


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