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[a][t][s][p]Does PowerSchool Learning ever display ads to users?


Q. Does PowerSchool Learning ever display ads to users?

A. PowerSchool Learning never displays ads to users.

However, there are two situations in which it might look like ads are coming from PowerSchool Learning.

Ads Displayed by Adware

Some types of adware or other malware can use an infected web browser to display an ad in blank space on the webpage you're viewing. Often, this kind of adware is installed alongside free downloaded software, sometimes in the form of a browser toolbar or browser extension.

If you see an ad in PowerSchool Learning, it's likely caused by adware. Your best bet is to scan your computer for adware and remove anything suspicious. In some cases, if the name of the adware appears below the ad as in the example below, you can also do a search for the name of the adware in order to find specific removal instructions. (The ad itself has been blurred out intentionally.)


Ads Displayed by Embeds or Links

Simply put, if a user embeds an ad into PowerSchool Learning, then the ad will display in PowerSchool Learning. Teachers may do this unintentionally if they embed content - for example, using an iframe - and the source content includes advertisements. The ad would then appear in a frame in PowerSchool Learning, but it's actually coming from an external website.

The same is true if a user links to a page with advertisements from a page in PowerSchool Learning. This may seem obvious, but sometimes when users click on a link in PowerSchool Learning they assume that the page the link sends them to is also a page in PowerSchool Learning. If a teacher links to a webpage that includes ads, students will see those ads when they click on the link.

In either of these situations, the best solution is to make sure teachers are only embedding or linking to appropriate content.

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