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[t]Why does the font format change when I copy and paste?


Q: Why does the font format change when I copy and paste?

A: Depending on the word processing program that you are using, and the way that you paste the text into PowerSchool Learning, you could run into a bit of trouble copying/pasting text. Often, a processing program such as Word uses unique styling tags to adjust the font, format, alignment, etc. of the text that you are creating.

When you copy the text as is (say from Word or Pages), those tags are copied as well, which are not always compatible with the CK Editor Text editing tool, causing odd formatting behavior. If you select the "Source" button in text editor, you can see all of these tags preserved.

For this reason, if you would prefer not to compose text in PowerSchool Learning and choose to bring it in from another source instead, we recommend pasting in using the "Paste as Plain Text" option.

1. To use Plain Text, select the Plain Text option in the CK Editor.


2. Then using Ctrl/Cmd+V paste your text into the space provided and select OK.  Now your text will be formatted in Plain Text and you can edit it using the CK Editor to suit your needs.  


*Note: You can also use the scrubber to remove any formatting.  To remove the formatting, highlight the text and select the Remove Formatting button. 

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