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[d][t][s][p]How do I suggest new features for PowerSchool Learning?


Q: How do I suggest new features for PowerSchool Learning?

A: PowerSchool Learning uses an online forum to track new feature requests and gather feedback from our users on which feature requests are most important to our community. You can find this forum here:

Feedback Request Forum


Get Started

In order to vote and share ideas in our Feedback Request Forum, you'll first need to create an account. This account is separate from your PowerSchool Learning account, but you can use your Twitter, Facebook, or Google accounts for single sign-on!


Chime in on Existing Ideas

Once you are logged in, you'll have the opportunity to support ideas that other users have shared that you think would make PowerSchool Learning better. You can support an idea by clicking the ^ arrow next to the idea. Our team uses the number of votes for an idea to make sure that we're prioritizing ideas that our users want to see in the future!


Join the Conversation

Use the Comment box to add your perspective on how an idea would improve your PowerSchool Learning class, how you would like to see it implemented in PowerSchool Learning, or just to voice your support (in addition to your votes). Our team keeps track of these comments and will often join the conversation to ask questions and update interested users on the status of a new feature.


Make a New Request

Have a great idea for a new PowerSchool Learning Feature? Use the Search bar on the front page of the forum to search for similar ideas. If you can't find anything similar, use the New Post button to add yours.

Make sure you give a good title and a thorough description so that other users can find your request and add their support to it!


Your Votes Count

We monitor this forum every day and it constantly influences our development plans. We also get really excited about it every fall as we prepare for our annual retreat. We take a few days each October to gather our team and plan our development themes for the coming year.

Your feature requests are a huge part of that conversation. We want to make sure we are continuing to build a tool that is integral to the way our users teach and that they love to use. We love being able to deliver new features that our users are excited about!

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