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[a][t]Do you test PowerSchool Learning to avoid bugs?


Q. Do you test PowerSchool Learning to avoid bugs?

A. Absolutely, yes. We test PowerSchool Learning on multiple levels to make sure you experience as few hitches as possible.

Along with automated tests of our code, we also test new features & updates in the most popular of our supported browsers. Because we don't have unlimited resources we can't test every single version of every single browser available. So, for our testing we use the most recent releases of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Rest assured that in nearly every case minor browser releases won't affect the behavior of PowerSchool Learning in the least (e.g. Using Firefox 3.6.1 instead of Firefox 3.6.3) and we will investigate bug reports related to specific browser releases.

Finally, because browser updates generally contain security enhancements we recommend that all PowerSchool Learning users keep their browsers up to date.

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