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August 2017: Rebranded URLs & PowerSchool SIS Live-Sync!


Version 10.2 was released on August 19, 2017.


Live Sync for PowerSchool SIS

No more waiting for your regularly scheduled SIS imports! With Live Sync, when the following changes are made in PowerSchool SIS, they’re pushed to Learning within minutes:

  • Account creation or changes to usernames, email addresses, Google or Office 365 IDs, grade levels, or parent-child relationships.
  • Class creation and roster changes, including teachers and co-teachers.

Other changes are still processed through regular imports even if Live Sync is on. Live Sync is always on for Unified Classroom customers; standalone PowerSchool SIS and PowerSchool Learning customers can enable Live Sync in Domain Control.

PowerSchool URLs

With this release, you’ll now see PowerSchool-branded URLs throughout PowerSchool Learning. Old Haiku Learning URLs will still work - no need to update old bookmarks! Those old URLs will simply redirect to the new URLs when you use them.

Unified Classroom PowerTeacher Pro Logs

Unified Classroom teachers will now see Grade Sync logs that are similar to those you see if you’re using the standalone version of PowerSchool Learning with PowerTeacher Pro. In the Unified Classroom, these Grade Sync logs are read-only because teachers enter scores in PowerTeacher Pro, not in Learning.

Changes & Fixes

Standalone and Unified Classroom

  • Teachers are no longer able to create roster sections for imported classes in Learning. This prevents a common user error where teachers use an imported section as a master class for delivering content to multiple sections of the same course. Instead, teachers should be creating manual master classes in Learning, with one roster section for each section of the course. Existing imported classes with roster sections are not affected.
  • Office 365 users can now log in to the Learning iPad app successfully as long as they have the latest version of the app installed.
  • Default badges now list PowerSchool Learning as the issuer, not Haiku.

Unified Classroom Only

  • Minor improvements to the workflow for navigating to Class Pages with multiple classes selected in the Unified Classroom class selector.
  • Teachers will no longer see a redundant link to PowerTeacher Pro under Quick Links > Learning.
  • The message welcoming users to the ePortfolio no longer references navigation elements that are not applicable to the Unified Classroom.
  • Fixed a problem where custom headers for Class Pages were displaying incorrectly.
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