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July 2017: Focus Mode is here!


Version 10.1 was released on July 21, 2017.


Check out the new Focus Mode!

  • Focus Mode is an awesome way to direct a user's attention to an individual Content Block.
  • Teachers can use Focus Mode as part of a lecture or they can direct Students to use it to consume Content step-by-step rather than all at once.
  • Students and Teachers can activate Focus Mode by clicking on the Focus button at the top right of a page. Students can also activate it by double-clicking on a Content Block, whereas Teachers will still enter Edit mode when double-clicking on a Content Block.
  • For more information on Focus Mode, including helpful screenshots, check out our KnowledgeBase article here: What is Focus Mode and how do I use it?


Changes & Fixes

PowerTeacher Pro Integration

  • Improved interaction between PowerTeacher Pro and Moxtra annotator.
  • Clarified some of the language in the "Ignore Parents from SIS" option in PowerSchool Config settings.
  • Students will no longer see error counts in PowerTeacher Pro integrated classes.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes result in duplicate scores being sent to PowerTeacher Pro.

Aeries Integration

  • Creating an Activity in an Aeries-connected Gradebook will create a corresponding Activity in Aeries.

General Changes & Fixes 

  • Fixed a bug that prevented files with a slash or colon in the title from being processed by Moxtra (the new annotator).
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented Assessments from being published while using Google Chrome.
  • The title field is now correctly highlighted by default when creating a Poll Block.
  • After creating a Library resource, users will now return to the page they were originally viewing rather than My Portal.
  • Imported and new classes will now correctly inherit the feature settings of their parent Organizations.
  • The way Rubrics calculate scores has been improved such that the rounding is more precise.
  • Teachers used to be able to create Roster Sections in Imported Classes, which caused unexpected behavior. This is no longer possible.









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