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[t][s]What is Focus Mode and how do I use it?


Q: What is Focus Mode and how do I use it?

A: Focus Mode is a way of looking at content on a Class Page in a linear, block-by-block way. It helps students to work through the information on a specific page in a clear and simple way. Teachers can also recommend that Students view the content through Focus Mode in order to encourage students to consume the content in a step-by-step manner. Students and Teachers can use Focus Mode by clicking on Focus in the upper right hand corner of any Class Page. Students can also access Focus Mode by double clicking on any Content Block.


 From any class page, select Focus in the upper right corner. 


Students can also double-click on any Content Block on a page in order to initiate Focus Mode. For teachers, a double-click on a Content Block will continue to open the block for editing.

Once Focus Mode has been enabled, use the Next Block and Previous Block buttons to navigate between content blocks. 


Note that Focus Mode is only for a specific page, so when the Next Block button is grayed out, that means you've reached the end of the content on that page. You can always exit Focus Mode by clicking the X button in the upper right corner of the block or the Close button in the bottom left corner.

Also, note that in a two-column layout, Focus Mode will move the Student between all of the content in the first column, then onto all of the content in the second column.

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