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[s][p]Where can I find the PowerSchool Learning iOS App?


Q: Where can I find the PowerSchool Learning iOS App?

A: You can find our iOS app by searching for PowerSchool Learning in the iTunes store or you can click on the link below to be taken to our mobile app page in the iTunes store.




Q: What devices and iOS are the PowerSchool Learning App Compatible with?

A:  The PowerSchool Learning App is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and requires iOS 8.0 or later.


Q: Why am I being asked for a District Code?

A: The PowerSchool Learning App does not require a District Code, but the PowerSchool SIS app does. If you're being asked to enter a District Code, please make sure you have the PowerSchool Learning App installed and not the PowerSchool SIS app.


Q: What is happening with the Haiku Learning for iPad app?

A: The Haiku Learning for iPad app is still available but is no longer being supported. 

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