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May 2017: Export Standard Scores on Demand


Version was released on May 5th, 2017.


Export Standard Scores On-demand

 We have simplified the ability of Domain Administrators and teachers to pull their standards data!

  • Domain Admins now have the ability to generate a simple per-Standard report from the Domain Control. Previously these periodic reports were by request only, which added wait-time and potential delays. As an admin, you can choose which Organizations, School Years, and Grading Periods to include in your per-Standard SBG export.
  • Teachers now have the ability to generate reports for any of their classes. Export your Standards-Based Gradebook to a CSV to perform advanced statistical analysis on your data in scenarios that are not natively supported by the Gradebook. You can include scores from all dates or only scores from a specific grading period.

Changes & Fixes 

Improved Import Behavior

  • Improved resource handling and enhanced compatibility for Common Cartridge v1.2 import files.
  • OneRoster integration now supports filtering by 'All Organizations'.

General Changes & Fixes 

  • Teachers, students and parents viewing or editing Rubrics, now can see how different criteria are weighted to better understand how the grade is calculated even when the Rubric is not editable.
  • We now display the entire Standard name via the fly-out grading panel (Marks tab). This will help our teachers access the right standard where Standards have long names and similar beginnings.
  • We solved a timeout error that occurred when Learning would recalculate scores for Assessments with lots of attempts
  • The SBG report now loads faster, which is important particularly for our larger schools.
  • Improved grade sync stability for PowerTeacher Pro & PowerSchool Learning
  • Our Google Marketplace app should now have all Haiku Learning branding replaced with PowerSchool branding.
  • Domain Admins, when merging user accounts, rubrics are now included in the Accounts Merge.
  • Now more Comic Sans! The Comic Sans family is now compatible with iOS. This is a font that teachers often choose because it is easier for younger students to read.
  • Other minor fixes and usability improvements
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