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April 2017: Powering Up the PowerTeacher Pro Integration


Version was released on April 7th, 2017.

Changes & Fixes

PowerTeacher Pro Integration

  • Improved data validation in Learning will prevent common errors related to long titles, long descriptions, and invalid scores.
  • A subtle badge will let teachers know when they have grade sync errors to review.
  • Error messages will give more explicit instruction about how to resolve common errors.
  • Performance has been improved for both sending scores and displaying score status.
  • Switching between sections will no longer prevent score statuses from loading.


  • Performance has been improved for Infinite Campus OneRoster imports.
  • Assignment Draft previews now have enhanced text formatting.
  • Rubrics will now be accurately marked as “In-use” for Activities that have been deleted.
  • Common Cartridge Imports from Schoology should now retain Assignment descriptions.
  • The Google SmartCopy feature will no longer appear in domains that are not G Suite Integrated.
  • When creating a Role Based Roster Class, more information is shared to reflect limitations found in Role Based Rosters.
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