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Coming in June: a new Annotator!


On June 9 we'll be replacing our Annotator tool with a new version from Moxtra! Moxtra comes with expanded annotation options and greater compatibility with PDF readers, and we're excited for its release!

Why are we making this change, and why is it happening in June?

Our current annotator is powered by Crocodoc, which is now owned and maintained by Box. Box is sunsetting Crocodoc in December. In order to minimize disruption during the school year and maintain functionality we will be making the switch to Moxtra in June. 

What will be the same with the new annotator?

A lot! The annotator will still be found in the same place in Assignments. You'll still be able to mark student submissions and hand them back, and most of the annotation options that Crocodoc had are still available in Moxtra (with a few extras!). 

What will be different?

  • The new Annotator has some extra annotation features, including: More color, line, shape, and font options, as well as the ability to insert images.

    • Point-and-click comments aren't currently part of Moxtra, but we're working with Moxtra on options here.
  • The new Annotator will be more mobile-friendly
  • The PDFs for the new Annotator are treated as images.

  • The PDFs produced by the new Annotator are viewable in a wider variety of readers, including the Chrome Browser's native PDF reader, which means Chromebook-friendly!

What will happen to files and annotations submitted before the switch?

  • You'll be able to open old files in the new Annotator, so there will be no need for students to re-submit any work.
  • Any annotations that have been handed back using the old Annotator will still be available as annotated PDFs.
  • Annotations made using the old Annotator will not be editable in the new Annotator.
  • Any annotations made in the old Annotator on files that are less than one year old that haven't been handed back will be made available to the Teacher as annotated PDFs.
  • Annotations made in the old annotator on files that are more than a year old, which haven't been handed back, will be lost.

Expected Annotator downtime during transition

We will be temporarily disabling the annotator for the entirety of June 9, from midnight to midnight EST. This is to allow us to save annotations on any files that are less than one year old but haven't yet been handed-back, as noted above.


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