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March 2017: Create more Activity Types via Learning Calendar


Version was released on March 10th, 2017.


Add Discussions and WikiProjects (not just Assignments) via Learning Calendar

In PowerSchool Learning, many teachers rely on the Calendar for planning their classes, but up till now they could only create Events and Assignments via the Calendar. Now they can create additional Activity types from the Calendar view!

Changes & Fixes 

PowerTeacher Pro Integration 

  • When a Gradebook entry connected to multiple PowerTeacher Pro sections is deleted in Learning, the assignments in all PowerTeacher Pro sections are now deletable 

  • PowerTeacher Pro Single Sign On (SSO) now works when the PowerSchool SIS host field in Domain Settings is prepended with "https://"
  • Teachers can now Password-Restrict published Assessments in a PowerTeacher Pro class

  • Fixed a race condition where Assignments deleted in PowerSchool Learning no longer delete then recreate themselves on PowerTeacher Pro 

General Changes & Fixes 

  • Assignments in the Assignments View now are sorted by most recent first 
  • My Classes menu now lists the five most recently accessed classes in all scenarios

  • Number of Unread items indicator has been added to the Assignments View
  • In the OneRoster config, the domain admin can now select which schools will be imported
  • The Standards grid for an Assignment now displays up to 50 Standards

  • Back button to exit Rubric feedback for an Assignment now successfully exits

  • Unsubmitted/Ungraded counts now load much faster

  • Login Report now successfully loads for larger districts (fixes a timeout issue)

  • If a Teacher changes an Assessment answer, question weight or section weight attempts are now recalculated 

  • Domain Control class info page now updates automatically after a change to Make Active / Inactive 

  • Improvements have been completed to lower the rate of Clever import failures
  • Other minor fixes and usability improvements




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