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February 2017: Streamlined Assignments, Google Drive SmartCopy & Assignment Folders


Version was released on February 11th, 2017.


Streamlined Assignments (no more overlap with Dropbox!)

All functionality from the PowerSchool Learning Dropbox has been merged into the Assignments list, and the Dropbox tool has been removed. Rest easy, as no assignments or homework have been lost in this enhancement -- and students and teachers now have a one-stop view for all of their assignments, whether online or offline.

  • All functionality from the former Dropbox tool has been merged into the Assignments list, except for the "Show by Student" feature.  "Show by Student" will be released in our next update. 
  • There is no longer a Dropbox sub-tab under the Messages tab. Assignments continue to live under the Activities tab.

  • In the Assignments list, a new "Status" column indicates whether an Assignment is Open, Closed, or Offline, meaning the assignment is a task outside of PowerSchool Learning.

  • In the Student view, a "Hand in" button is displayed next to each Assignment, replacing the same hand-in functionality previously found in the Dropbox.


Google Drive Integration Enhancements

Powerful new document management features have been added to make organization of Google Drive via PowerSchool Learning even simpler!

  • Google Drive SmartCopy: When copying a Block, Page or Activity to a new class, teachers now have the option to create a new copy for the new class or to use the original copy. This can cut down on the number of duplicate files on Google Drive.

  • Collaboration Tools in WikiProjects: When selected during the creation of a Google Drive Block, Teachers and Students now have the ability to collaboratively edit docs directly within PowerSchool Learning in WikiProjects.

  • Google Drive Assignment Folders: When a student creates a personal copy of a Handout or hands  a Google Drive Doc in response to an Assignment, the Doc gets copied to a folder in the Drive of the teacher (instead of Shared with Me folder).  Teachers will find the Assignment Docs in a directory named PowerSchool Learning Student Files folder. 


Enhanced Support for Instructure Canvas Common Cartridge files

Teachers now have expanded support of Canvas Common Cartridge Exports to better facilitate imports from Canvas.  

  • Assessments and Item Banks (including Matching questions) from Canvas may now be imported into Learning Assessments

 Changes & Fixes

  • Files that aren't compatible with embedded Collaboration Tools are no longer allowed to be selected for collaboration when creating blocks. 

  • PowerTeacher Pro Single Sign On links to My Classes or My Portal no longer generate "too many redirects" errors under certain scenarios.
  • Fixed an issue with PowerTeacher Pro where scores could not be exchanged with PowerSchool Learning "due to incomplete data".

  • Sync with Source now links manually-added students in the Master Class who were added to the source roster via import.

  • Students and Parents now correctly see the Grades > Reports menu option in scenarios when the Gradebook is unpublished and Reports are Published.

  • Teachers now see the content of an LTI Activity Block even after the LTI Activity has closed.

  • Other minor fixes and usability improvements




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