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January 2017: Canvas Content Imports & G Suite Integration Enhancements


Version was released on January 13th, 2017.


Enhanced Support for Instructure Canvas Common Cartridge files

PowerSchool Learning has expanded its support of Canvas Common Cartridge Exports to better facilitate imports from Canvas.  Additional support beyond this month's enhancement is planned in upcoming releases.

  • We now support the import of Assignments from Canvas Common Cartridge files.

G Suite Integration Enhancements

  • PowerSchool Learning now auto-updates pre-existing Google document permissions when a Teacher is added to a class.
  • When a student opens an assignment window with an associated Google Handout, a personal copy of the document is automatically created.

 Changes & Fixes

  • Users can now be manually added to a Role-Based Roster Class

  • Exam Scores are now hidden when a zero-point Question is still pending
  • Teachers can now publish qualitative Rubrics when the Rubric is associated with an activity that includes a gradebook entry

  • Senior Systems imports now fail if if all required json files are not present to avoid malformed imports
  • Aeries roster end dates have been updated to be Date.today+1, not just Date.today to avoid premature closing of classes

  • When on the Dropbox Hand In screen, moving from fullscreen to non-fullscreen on OS X no longer results in message fields becoming non-interactive
  • An issue was fixed where the Close button on Rosters would disappear in certain cases.

  • Parent Invitation Codes are now automated to export nightly

  • Other minor fixes and usability improvements




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