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December 2016: PowerTeacher Pro, Google Drive and OneDrive Integrations


Version was released on December 20, 2016.


PowerTeacher Pro Integration

PowerSchool Learning has deepened its integration with PowerSchool 10.1 to create the most robust SIS gradebook and LMS integration in K-12!  

  • Best-in-class Single Sign On (SSO) includes deep-link context retention so you keep your class context even as you move between platforms.  
  • Teachers can annotate homework directly from the gradebook, communicate seamlessly with students and enter assignment scores in context of the work being graded.

Enhanced OneDrive and Office 365 Integration

We have continued to add the ability to use OneDrive throughout the Learning platform including Discussions, File Blocks, Discussion Posts & WikiProjects!

Other highlights include:

  • Safari is now supported
  • When new users are added or removed from a Class, Group or Section, OneDrive permissions are now updated automatically.
  • Users can now log off from both Office 365 and PowerSchool Learning with one action.
  • OneDrive now works with domains who do not have an OnMicrosoft domain

Enhanced Google Drive Integration

Teachers and students can now use full edit/comment functionality for embedded Google Drive files. This will allow for real-time collaboration via Google Docs on Pages!

Changes & Fixes

Imports & Exports

  • Fixed an issue with Canvas Common Cartridge imports being blocked due to the Canvas manifest misreporting the version number as 1.1.
  • Admins attempting to edit a classes import ID to a non unique number will now be notified as an invalid action instead of just ignored.
  • Classes that do not have a School Year can now be exported via Common Cartridge.
  • Improved Importer tool reporting - When data is pulled successfully, Importer status now reports the status of the import as Validating/Awaiting Validation/Submitted.
  • Import Preprocessor no longer treats Import IDs as case sensitive

PowerSchool Gradebook (PowerTeacher Pro) Integration

  • Fixed an issue where PS Gradebooks that have large numbers of scores display spinner on every item when GB is loaded, time out and spinners remain forever.
  • Fixed an issue with Gradebook entries entered into the Gradebook getting stuck in the pending phase
  • Fixed an issue with syncing for Assignments that existed in a previous copy of a class.  
  • Gradebook items created by Haiku Learning are now syncing correctly after assignments have been deleted in PowerTeacher Pro.

Aeries Gradebook Integration

  • Fixed an issue regarding grades syncing to an Aeries gradebook
  • Elementary classes listed in Aeries are now imported


  • Rubrics that are no longer in use can now be removed.  
  • All rubrics that match a search criteria are now being returned, not just the first 100 alphabetical matches.



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