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[d] How can I view and export Login details for users in my domain?


Q. How can I view and export Login details for users in my domain?

A. Domain Administrators can view detailed, filterable Login history for anyone in their domain through the Logins area of the Reports tab, in the Domain Control area. 

Viewing Login Details

  1. Navigate to the Domain Control area, then access the Logins area through the Reports drop-down menu.
  2. Filter by Organization and/or User Type, search by User, and optionally include users with an account status of Disabled as needed. 
  3. Hit Filter to search. 
  4. View Login details for the selected group of accounts below, including the User ID (Import ID), the time and date of login, IP Address, Browser (User Agent), Event Type (Login, or Logout?) etc.

Saving and Exporting Results

  1. After filtering (see above), if you'd like to re-use these filters, select Save this View
  2. Give your new view a Name and hit Save to keep your changes.
  3. Hit Export to generate a CSV file of Login history for the current View.
  4. You can always go back to your view through the Saved Views area, as in the screenshot above. 
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