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November 2016: Microsoft OneDrive, LTI Specific Launch URLs


Version was released on November 4, 2016.


Microsoft OneDrive Integration

We're excited to deepen our integration with Microsoft OneDrive!  We have introduced a seamless way for teachers to attach OneDrive documents to Assignments & students to hand-in Assignments directly from OneDrive!  Note: Domain Administrators will need to turn on the integration to make it available to their users.

  • Teachers are now able to create an Assignment and attach one or more OneDrive documents to it. 
  • Students are now able to hand in an Assignment and attach one or more OneDrive documents to it. 
  • Teachers can now view the handed-in gradeables of the student and access the attached documents. 
  • OneDrive Assignments are only be viewable by the teacher, co-teacher and students in the class.

Enhanced LTI Support with Specific Launch URLs

When setting up an LTI Tool, Domain Administrators can now optionally allow for Activity-level urls to by teachers.  This allows teachers to provide more granular targeting of LTI Activities.

New Domain Admin Login Tracking Report 

Domain Admins can now download a report for login/logout information and can filter by specific user, organization and user type. Admins can also “include disabled users” in the report now.  

Changes & Fixes

Imports & Exports

  • Big Classes? We raised the Roster Import cap for students, previously it was maxed at 100 students.
  • Veracross imports now have the option to ignore “Former Program Student” roles in auto imports.
  • Cleaned up the Domain Control > Standards > Manage Standards > Imports & Exports menu of exposed ascii characters.
  • Removed Support for Parents from the Aeries Integration since the Aeries API does not currently support it. 
  • Fixed roster entry time zone conflicts for Imports 
  • Domain Attendance Exports now have the class_code field.
  • Domain Admin users are now warned when editing a class’ import ID through the Manage Class > Class Settings dialog.  Previously, the user was able save the edited import ID without notification of it changing being communicated to the user. 

Standards Based Gradebook Fixes

  • We’ve removed the ability for any user to delete SBG scales, previously any user was able to delete SBG scales for other users on the domain.
  • The SBG score entry flyout now correctly displays letters and numbers as designated by the scale creator, instead of changing any letters into numbers. 
  • Classes with SBG and PowerSchool Gradebooks now have gradebook submenus for students

Other Changes and Fixes 

  • Re-introduced a link for Solo Teachers to create an account on the login page.   
  • Teachers can now change the order of links in the Links Content Block within the Edit block area. 
  • Teachers can now change the order of files in the File Block within the Edit block area. 
  • CKEditor toolbar buttons no longer spill over onto an extra line when creating a SCORM Activity. 


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