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September 2016: Google Handouts, SBG Score Entry Improvements


Version was released on September 30, 2016.


Google Handouts

Teachers can now attach a Google Drive file as a "Handout", allowing students to make a personal copy of the file with a single click inside PowerSchool Learning. This means that you can easily distribute a template or a worksheet crafted in Google Drive without relying on students to do their own copying and sharing. Better yet, the copies students make will be automatically shared with their teachers. They can also be submitted to the Dropbox for review, where teachers can mark them using our in-app Annotator or by jumping directly to Google Drive.

SBG Score Entry Improvements

With this release, entering scores and comments for Standards is easier than it's ever been before. We've streamlined score entry for Standards through a consistent, inspector-style grading widget similar to what we use for Rubrics or what PowerSchool SIS users see in PowerTeacher Pro. Anywhere you can enter scores for Standards in Learning, you can now use this slide-out inspector, which is designed to let you quickly record scores and comments in context, while you're looking at each student's actual work.

Rubrics Without Gradebook Entries

Want to use Rubrics in PowerSchool Learning, but keep your grades somewhere else? It's now possible to use a Points-Based Rubric or a Qualitative Rubric without a Gradebook Entry. For Rubrics without Gradebook Entries, we've added a simple flow for handing the scored Rubric back to students. We haven't changed the hand-back workflow for Rubrics with Gradebook Entries: those will still be visible to students when the associated Gradebook Entry is published.

Changes & Fixes

Domain Control

  • We've removed the Agreement Details block under Vital Stats as part of an effort to make our licensing practices consistent with other PowerSchool products. If you're a School and District Edition customer, your School Advisor will be reaching out with more details.
  • The Account Info details now includes a Last Updated field per user, so you can see when the account was last modified.

Imports & Exports

  • PowerSchool SIS and Senior Systems customers can now configure their plug-and-play imports directly via Domain Control, without having to request back-end changes via our Helpdesk.
  • For Office 365 accounts, the Importer can now automatically copy valid Office 365 email addresses to the SSO ID field.
  • We've made some performance tweaks for the PowerSchool SIS plug-and-play import.


  • The Grades > Grades sub-tab is now called Grades > Gradebooks.
  • Gradebooks with large numbers of columns are no longer misaligned in Chrome.
  • The search field now searches the entire Roster for a class.
  • LTI Activities can now accept write-back scores with trailing zeroes.
  • For an LTI Activity, the Open Activity button successfully opens the Actvity.
  • Attendance auto-fill now only fills the current section.
  • Rubrics associated with a deleted Gradebook Entry can be re-used with other Gradebook Entries.


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